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July 28, 2012

In my recent flight over the states, it is easy to tell of the drought. Especially as
you cross over Kansas- all the way into Kentucky. Brown…brown…brown is what
I see on square corn fields. There are streaks of green that almost resemble tiger
striped corn fields from over head. This is no friendly type of corn field tiger with
brown being the base color and green as the stripes. It should be the opposite.
As we land, I see much more brown, except this time it’s hay that looks as if
someone took a torch to it. The talk of early excessive-nitrate related diseases fills the air
all around.
Despite the human nature that tells us all to blame the drought, there is much
more to it. There are so many subjective fertility decisions made that the life we
love – farming – has become aligned with a trip to the boat / casino. Daily, I try to
make my employees and clients understand the importance of learning rather
than being told what to do and how to do it. If you’re still using guess work in
your farm management plans, it may be time to catch up and revive your operation (s).
 We have hundreds of years in the records and non-linear dynamics. It
should no longer be guess work. Weather forecasters predicted a dry season as
long ago as 2011 ending. Of course, not many think they have the time to listen
to this “jargon.” especially with corn and soy bean prices where they were at the
start of the season. No way would anyone listen to forecasters. Not when we
have open fields and high prices. No way would anyone listen to farm
management nerds, not when we have been farming this land for 50 years. What
could they know about my farm that I don’t? Maybe a lot. Maybe enough to
rehabilitate your farm and put you back in control.
It’s not that the farm nerds know your land better. Don’t take offense. It’s just
that they know how to measure hundreds of years worth of data. There are
distinct geographical input vs. output characteristics that semi-eliminate the guess
work of farming. When it comes to equipment, certain soils handle certain tire
tread better, certain soils drain differently per the seeding technique. It’s
remarkable really. And you can get access to all this. It’s not an agronomist or a
consultant that grants you this access either. It’s tech-nerds. As for fertility, most
producers do not even have the access to EXACT chemical or micronutrient
content within the products they use and despite what many believe, there crop
advisors don’t either. They just think they do. This requires chemical engineering
mixed with computer science algorithms. Okay. So what does that mean? Well, it
could mean dramatic reductions in input costs as well as increases in production.
How? Because when you know the EXACT content of a product, you can mix
bio dynamic and micronutrients to perfection, so that your input applications are
in terms of plant availability rather than lbs/acre–that’s what counts. Again, it’s remarkable what these new, somewhat hard to access systems can do.
In compliment with non-linear dynamic calculations of weather, historic
geographical data analysis algorithms, and exact fertility algorithms that can
recommend formulations per the plant availability of every drop of input
applications you use — all of the above SAVING & MAKING producers big $ —
producers can, by choice only, eliminate the vast majority of guess work on the
farm. Is it time you open your mind and put a farm tech nerd to work on your
operation(s)? It could be the biggest decision you’ve ever made in regards to your
production, especially per this years enormous set back for so many due to the
drought conditions. Most blame mother nature for their poor performance this
year. Farm-Tech nerds thank algorithms and computers for giving them insight and
precision for their partner’s good performance, regardless of the weather
condition. Quit wasting time on subjective consultant or agronomist
recommendations. Get with what’s new. Get with what works.
If you would like to learn more about technology(not typically for the farm) that
could reboot or enhance your operation(s), feel free to contact me at


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